If you are looking to purchase ice machines Australia, then there are several things you should know before making your final decision. For instance, you need to look for a reliable brand like Online Ice Machines. We have the best range and the most comprehensive models to suit every aspect of a commercial business or environment.

The following guide will give you the necessary information to make the right choice when purchasing ice machines Australia. You can also visit www.onlineicemachines.com.au to get the best commercial ice making machine in Australia.

What is an Ice Machines Australia?

An ice machine is an appliance that can make ice. Normally, these machines are used in places where there are high-volume food establishments, such as restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals, bars and hotels. It must be kept at a certain temperature to keep the food chilled or cooled down for long periods.

These ice machines Australia are an essential part of operation for any restaurant, bar, club, diner, take away and much more. We have years of experience is supplying quality Italian made machine with local support as well.

Benefits of Ice Machines Australia

Ice availability for coolers and small refrigerators can be complicated, particularly when the water supply is cut off. But with an ice machine, you never have to worry about running out of ice again. It’s so easy to operate that anyone can do it. Ice is essential for a variety of businesses, especially in the hospitality sector, and owning an ice machine can be help you save time, money, and space. The need for maintenance with owning an ice machine is minimal because they have self-cleaning features that allow them to work efficiently without a chance of mold build up or other problems.

Types of Ice Machines Australia

There are several types of ice machines Australia:

  1. Automatic
  2. Semi-automatic.
  3. Self Contained
  4. Granular Ice
  5. Modular Ice

Ice Machines Australia – Automatic: These machines take care of everything from measuring the amount of water needed to pump in the air before turning on the compressor; all you need to do is turn it on and wait for it to work its magic. Automation is the key to any successful kitchen of bar setting and can assist with peak periods as well.

Ice Machines Australia – Semi-automatic: These use electricity and an outside source of compressed air, like a compressor, but no measurement or filtering is done automatically. You’ll need to manually measure the correct amount of water and then pour it into the machine.  Before turning on the machine, you’ll also have to add your freezing agent (either plain old rock salt or a freezing agent that has antibacterial properties). The resulting ice will be cleaner than you would get with an automatic model, but more prep work is involved beforehand.

Ice Machines Australia – Self Contained: The self contained range of granular flake ice machines produce ice at a temperature of -0.5°C. The ice is already crushed and ready to be used. Ideal for quick refrigeration of bottles and cocktails and for display or transportation of fish, meat and vegetables. Also suitable for supermarkets, hospitals, bakeries and laboratories.

Ice Machines Australia – Granular Ice: These machines can be used in many locations such as restaurants, clubs and hotels. Online Ice Machines have no PC boards or electronics and can be used in high temperature tropical environments. These solid ice cube makers from Italy are a premium product and incorporate all the latest technology to ensure, the highest efficiency and long lasting service life as well

Ice Machines Australia – Modular Ice: The ice is produced using a continuous stream of water which flows downwards and is uniformly distributed across a highly efficient vertical evaporator. With their superior cooling performance and low production costs, solid square cubes offer the best solution for all situations where high ice consumption is needed.

The Practical Side of Owning an Ice Machines Australia

The following guide is a step-by-step process that walks you through the basics, from purchasing to maintenance.

  • Buy a commercial refrigerator and freezer suitable for hosting an ice machine.
  • Install the necessary commercial-grade electric hookups.
  • Acquire an insulated jacket that goes over the top of the fridge freezer to keep your ice machine at its ideal temperature.

Ice Machines Australia – Bottom Line

Using ice machines in Australia is a great way to reduce dependence on outside ice suppliers. Owning an ice machine will save you time and money by being able to make the ice when you need it, instead of having to buy it from the store.

An ice machine is very versatile. You can create different types of ice for different purposes, such as cooking, cocktails, or casual use.

Online ice machines is selling ice machines that produce high-quality output with exceptional outcomes. This Australia-based company has competitive prices for their products. Visit the website www.onlineicemachines.com.au or call us on 1800 842 188 for more information about ice machines.

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