At Ice Machine Solutions, we want you to have the right machine for your needs. This simple ice usage calculator is designed to help you choose a suitable ice machine for your production needs.

When determining your ice requirements simply select the appropriate industry and use the ‘CUBE AND FLAKE ICE USAGE GUIDE’ below to select the correct machine to suit your needs.

Be sure to contact Ice Machine Solutions or call us on 1800 027 362 for further information and assistance before purchasing your ice maker.

Food And Beverage Industry
ApplicationIce TypeApprox. Usage per Day
Restaurant / CafeFlaked or Cube500-700gm per person/seat
Bar / CocktailsCube or Flake1-1.3kg per person/seat
Function / CateringCube or flake400-459gm per person
Fast Food Beverages
285ml (10oz) cup / glass 45/17Cube or flake142 grams per cup / glass
340ml (12oz) cup/ glassCube or flake170 grams per cup / glass
454ml (16oz) cup/ glassCube or flake227 grams per cup / glass
680ml (24oz) cup/ glassCube or flake340 grams per cup / glass
Ice for Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes
ApplicationIce TypeApprox. Usage per Day
HospitalFlaked or Cube4.5kg per bed
Nursing homeCube or Flake2.5kg per bed
Ice for Fresh Food Display and Preservation
ApplicationIce TypeApprox. Usage per Day
Seafood / Fresh Food displayFlaked or Cube40-50kg of ice per square metre@100mm deep
Salad BarCube or Flake2kg per 1kg of produce
ApplicationIce TypeApprox. Usage per Day
Bagged IceCube# kg per bag x # bags per day
Construction site/ miningCube3-6kg per person
Water glassCube or flake120gm per 285ml cup/glass 120g per 285ml glass
Guest IceCube2kg per room
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